How Can We Upload Large Files to AWS S3?

Upload Large File to s3 from the Browser

For large files, Amazon S3 might separate the file into multiple uploads to maximize the upload speed. The Amazon S3 console might time out uploading large files to s3 from the browser because of session timeouts. Instead of using the Amazon S3 console, try to upload large files to s3 from the browser using the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) or an AWS SDK.

Note: If you use the Amazon S3 console, then the maximum upload size of a large file from the browser is 160GB. To upload a larger bigger than 160GB, you can use the AWS CLI, AWS SDK, or Amazon S3 REST API.

AWS S3 Upload File Through CLI

Installing AWS CLI

We will use AWS CLI for uploading large files. This is the best way to upload large files to s3. Download AWS CLI through this link, and after that, install this file into your system.

Installing AWS CLI

Now, click this window link. When you click this link then this screen will appear. Now, install or update this setup.

Installing AWS CLI

When this setup is downloaded, install this download file in your system by default CLI setting.  Don’t change this file path, and install this file on the C drive.

Command Prompt

Now, open the Command prompt on your window search bar.

Command Prompt

Write this command, this command will check if the AWS CLI has been installed or not in your C drive.

  • aws configure

Command Prompt

If this command, asks you for the Access key, it means your AWS CLI is working. Now, you can upload large files to s3 from the browser. 

AWS Console Account

Now, go back to your AWS console account and open Security Credential. You will see many options and keys of many different AWS Services, but you will create and download IAM Access and Secret Keys.

copy the Access key & Secret key from the download file.

Now, go back to your CMD Prompt and enter the AWS Access key & Secret key.

  • Access key
  • Secret Key ( Then press Enter)
  • S3 bucket region 

Choose AWS S3 Bucket Region


AWS Access key & Secret key


Now enter this command and check if your S3 bucket is showing here or not.

  • aws s3 ls

If this command is showing your S3 Buckets then good. It means now you can upload large files to s3 from the browser.

AWS S3 Bucket Name


Now, go to the C drive, create a new folder here, and give them any nameLocal Disk C

You can see, I’ve created a folder with the name “upload” in C drive. Now, open this folder and paste some files that you want to upload on the S3 bucket.

Uploading Files

Now, open your CMD (command prompt) and write the below-mentioned command.

  • aws s3 cp /FOLDERNAME s3://S3BUCKETNAME/ –recursive –include “FILENAME”

You can see my folder name is upload, S3 bucket name is 4dphd, and my files name.  

  • aws s3 cp /upload s3://4dphd/ –recursive –include “0_1 Knapsack Problem solution (English+Hindi) – YouTube”

Successfully Uploaded


You can see both files have been uploaded. You can also see these files in your S3 Bucket. Any type of large file can easily be uploaded through this AWS CLI. This is the best way to upload large files to AWS s3.

Upload Large Files to AWS S3

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